Lost AmazonThe Lost Amazon

The Pioneering Expeditions of Richard Evan Schultes

In 1941, Richard Evan Schultes, often referred to as the father of ethnobotany, took a leave of absence from Harvard University and disappeared into the Colombian Amazon. Twelve years later he resurfaced having travelled to places no outsider had ever visited, mapped uncharted rivers, and lived among two dozen Amazonian tribes. Simultaneously, he conducted secret research missions for the U.S. government and collected some 30,000 botanical specimens, including 2,000 novel medicinal plants and 300 species new to science.

The greatest Amazonian botanical explorer of the 20th century, Schultes was a living link to the naturalists of the Victorian era and a world authority on toxic, medicinal, and hallucinogenic plants. Over the course of his time in the Amazonian basin, Schultes took over 10,000 images of plants, landscapes, and the indigenous peoples with whom he lived.

Originally published in 2004, "The Lost Amazon" was the first major publication to examine the work of Dr. Schultes as seen through his photographs and field notes. With text by Schultes’s protégé and fellow explorer Wade Davis, this impressive document takes armchair travellers where they have never gone before.

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